We are re-openning the Craft Clearance Centre in Clayton!   From now on, the Clearance Centre will open all year round!   Only two days a week, though,  Tuesday and Saturday.

Address:  Unit 21 /3 Audsley St., Clayton South 3169
Time:  9.00am - 2.00pm Tuesday and Saturday only

Plenty of stock are sold at super cheap prices here.  Come to get a bargain!
IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!                   10.00am - 12.30pm   Saturday 28 April                       Levels Prep– 6                   Cost:  $60 per person

Looking for some brilliant ideas to enhance an inquiry unit about “Personal Identity and Well Being” to start your year off with a bang? Wanting to move away from the traditional posters and collages and incorporate some new art resources? Then this workshop might be just what you need! Participants in this workshop will have the opportunity to explore some simple yet stunning new ideas for decorating those bland classroom walls and corridors, while focussing on individual student interests and information! Using card templates, photographs, body shapes and a wide range of mixed media materials for embellishment, these activities can be undertaken across all levels and will create great interest and enjoyment amongst your students. Come along and join in!

Please ring 95441518 to make a booking or click here to download workshop booking form, fill out and fax to us.


Magnetic Australian notes & coins - Jumbo Size (more than 3 times larger than real money). Great for basic life skills activities.

Code: 90MAGMO
Unit: SET
Ex-GST Price: $29.25
Inc-GST Price: $32.18


Beat The Kangaroo ($ Australian Money) is played in a similar manner to traditional bingo. There will be lots of fun and active learning as the team of three children selects one card at a time from the top of the deck. If a player picks up a card that ma

Code: 90LBK
Unit: set
Ex-GST Price: $20.80
Inc-GST Price: $22.88


Teach coin identification, currency and handling change. Great for role playing! Set contains: 110 x assorted coins, 100 x assorted notes, 5 x credit cards and a money trap with lid and 12 compartments.

Code: 90MOWI
Unit: set
Ex-GST Price: $49.45
Inc-GST Price: $54.40


Quality plastic coins, aid children with recognition and understanding of the Australian currency. Bag 106 pieces.

Code: 90PLCO
Unit: Bag 106 pieces
Ex-GST Price: $14.45
Inc-GST Price: $15.90


Realistic Australian play money. This aids children in understanding money concepts and counting skills. Size and colour are of real currency. Wallet includes assorted notes and 5 credit cards.

Code: 90MOWA
Unit: set
Ex-GST Price: $17.58
Inc-GST Price: $19.34


Three times larger than real money. Information and history of the pictures depicted for each note is listed on the back. Contains 12 sturdy laminated cards in a plastic storage wallet.

Code: 90TANO
Unit: Pack of 12
Ex-GST Price: $13.85
Inc-GST Price: $15.24