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We are re-openning the Craft Clearance Centre in Clayton!   From now on, the Clearance Centre will open all year round!   Only two days a week, though,  Tuesday and Saturday.

Address:  Unit 21 /3 Audsley St., Clayton South 3169
Time:  9.00am - 2.00pm Tuesday and Saturday only

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COMMONWEALTH GAMES                      Saturday 3 March 2018                                                                               Levels Prep – 6                Cost:  $60 inc.GST

Just like the Olympic Games, the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, Queensland, are going to be an amazing starting point for a diverse range of Visual Arts activities on body movement, sport, multiculturalism and marketing. In this workshop, participants will experiment with a variety of materials, skills and techniques with the goal of creating a term’s unit of work for levels 1 – 6. A brand new range of products will be demonstrated, as well as original products used in new and innovative ways for the theme of the Commonwealth Games.  Come and make a range of sports and cultural items that can be undertaken by all age groups.  Do not miss this workshop!

Please click here to download booking form or ring 9544 1518 to make a booking.

Science Observation and discovery


This hand-held microscope uses ambient light and reflecting mirrors to provide strong 30x magnification. Use it to examine anything that won't fit under a traditional microscope.

Code: 28HSCOP
Unit: Per each
Ex-GST Price: $12.45
Inc-GST Price: $13.70


This simple version microscope provides an affordable way to dabble with science. Magnification of 100, 400, and 900 times. With light-catching mirror and rotating nose turret. No batteries needed.

Code: 28MICRO
Unit: Per each
Ex-GST Price: $51.75
Inc-GST Price: $56.93


This is a real working stethoscope for you to observe sound in your body or anywhere else.

Code: 28STETH
Unit: Per each
Ex-GST Price: $14.55
Inc-GST Price: $16.01


Comes with fixing clips for wall mounting. Ideal for display and observation.

Code: 40LTPN2
Unit: EACH
A2,Measures 70x52x4cm. Weighs 3kg
Ex-GST Price: $267.54
Inc-GST Price: $294.29

Code: 40LTPN3
Unit: EACH
A3,Measures 40x52x2.5cm.
Ex-GST Price: $199.50
Inc-GST Price: $219.45


Pack consists of 10 self assembly mini periscopes made from tough, coated cardboard. A great and practical way to learn about reflection. Size: 160mm x 53mm.

Code: 28PERIS10
Unit: PK 10
Ex-GST Price: $49.50
Inc-GST Price: $54.45


This storm glass was popularised by Admiral Robert Fitzroy after his histroric voyage on the HMS Beagle. 28cm high.

Code: 28STORM
Unit: each
Ex-GST Price: $20.48
Inc-GST Price: $22.53


This 28cm high Galileo Thermometer has 6 balls, accurately measuring temperature range between 18C to 28C.

Code: 28THERG
Unit: each
Ex-GST Price: $20.48
Inc-GST Price: $22.53


Standard size blank slides for microscope.

Code: 28SLDBL
Unit: PK 20
Ex-GST Price: $16.10
Inc-GST Price: $17.71


Top-quality prepared microscope slides showing a colourful assortment of specimens from a lentic or "still water" ecosystem, including samples from frog eggs to water lilies. These slides are labelled for easy organization and ready to be placed under th

Code: 28SLDF
Unit: pk 7
Ex-GST Price: $18.85
Inc-GST Price: $20.74


This slide making kit comes with instructions and all the supplies you need for making your own slides, and eosin dye for increasing the contrast.

Code: 28SLDK
Unit: Kit
Ex-GST Price: $11.65
Inc-GST Price: $12.82


This set of prepared slides takes you to a tropical rainforest and take a close look at a variety of flora and fauna that might be found under its canopy. Includes a range of specimens from fern leaves to butterfly wings.

Code: 28SLDT
Unit: pk 7
Ex-GST Price: $18.85
Inc-GST Price: $20.74