SPACED OUT!                   10.00am - 12.30pm   Saturday 23 June                       Levels 5                   Cost:  $60 per person

As part of the Physical World Inquiry Units in the Victorian Curriculum, this a sensational unit to implement in your art room, especially if you need to include more modelling activities into your program! In this workshop, participants will not only be exposed to a range of exciting materials, but also be shown how to use them in new and innovative ways! In order to engage the senior students, it is important to constantly introduce them to different media and allow them to experiment with their properties. This session will include working with embossing foil and wire-form, Superlite, and plasticine to create aliens, extra-terrestrial crafts, space scenes and amazing planets from a ‘galaxy far away”!!!!! Come and have a look at the diorama packs that can be incorporated into this unit.

Please ring 95441518 to make a booking or click here to download workshop booking form, fill out and fax to us.

Paper Quilling paper and tools

Quilling Paper

Brightly coloured strips in assorted colours. 4mm wide. Includes 10 colours. Pack of 2500. Use with quilling tools. Plastic quilling tools. Ideal for twirling paper strips to create patterns for ornamental work. Pack of 30.

Code: 25QUPA
Unit: Pack of 2500
Ex-GST Price: $6.65
Inc-GST Price: $7.32

Code: 25QUTO
Unit: Pack of 30
Ex-GST Price: $7.15
Inc-GST Price: $7.87