TIS THE SEASON!                                          

Presented by:  Michele Jones - Gardenvale Primary School VIC
 10.00am - 12.30pm   Saturday 8 September 
Venue:  Cam Art Craft & Technology, 6/40 Ricketts Road, Mt Waverley, VIC 3149

Cost:  $60 per person

With Christmas fast approaching, this practical workshop has been designed to show participants a diverse range of simple yet effective ways of creating decorations for a Christmas tree. Come and see exciting methods of transforming those empty branches using foils, aluminium, wire-form, beads, felts, threads, chenille stems, templates and other multimedia materials. Why not set up a tree in your foyer that the whole school can decorate for all to enjoy? Many of the activities can be modified for other celebrations and occasions and your students will be delighted to create such professional looking, yet inexpensive decorations. A brilliant unit of work that is fail-proof, easy, innovative, functional and extremely rewarding for all concerned! Definitely not to be missed!

Please ring 95441518 to make a booking or click here to download workshop booking form, fill out and fax to us.

Construction Rubber bands & balloons


Assorted colours. Small party balloons. Pack of 100.

Code: 30BALS
Unit: Pack of 100
Ex-GST Price: $16.15
Inc-GST Price: $17.77


Assorted bag of 100gm.

Code: 30RUBA
Unit: 100 gm
Ex-GST Price: $1.70
Inc-GST Price: $1.87


Choose from the following sizes: #12 38mm (1 1/2") Approx 4200 per 500gms. #16 62mm (2 1/2") Approx 2500 per 500 gms. #32 75mm (3") Approx 1000 per 500gms. #64 88mm (3 1/2") Approx: 440 per 500 gms.

Code: 30RUBAS-12
Unit: 500gm
#12 38mm (11/2") Approx 4200 per 500gms.
Ex-GST Price: $7.85
Inc-GST Price: $8.64

Code: 30RUBAS-16
Unit: 500gm
#16 62mm (21/2") Approx 2500 per 500gms.
Ex-GST Price: $7.85
Inc-GST Price: $8.64

Code: 30RUBAS-32
Unit: 500gm
#32 75mm (3") Approx 1000 per 500gms.
Ex-GST Price: $7.85
Inc-GST Price: $8.64

Code: 30RUBAS-64
Unit: 500gm
#64 88mm (31/2") Approx 440* per 500gms.
Ex-GST Price: $7.85
Inc-GST Price: $8.64


Reusable flying balloons in assorted colours. Blow the balloon up and let it go to watch it hurtle through the air in crazy, unpredictable loops and twists! Air pump included.

Code: 30BALR
Unit: pk 30
Ex-GST Price: $12.85
Inc-GST Price: $14.14