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Are you looking for art and crafts that can be good for early learning? When you have a toddler, you must have so many ideas on how to help them grow. It is important to always help them grow because we know that when we give them the right assistance, it could boost the brain to work better and better. Various ways can be done to educate children so that their development is optimal, one of them is by having a homemade educational game. With homemade educational toys, children can learn to solve problems, be creative, and recognize self-limits. In addition, this children’s toy can be a simulation to make connections between connected nerves and open children’s insight. Children’s motor skills must be trained from childhood, one of them with educational toys. Fine motor skills can be obtained when the child takes toys, touches, and holds with his five fingers. Whereas gross motor skills are obtained when children move toys, throw, lift, and so on.

One of the toys that can improve children’s motor skills is puzzles, wooden blocks of letters, number blocks, and educational toys that can sound when pressed. Educational toys can explore children’s abilities, including their ability to concentrate. Puzzles can be a medium for children to practice concentration because the child is required to focus on the image and the shape in front of him that must be adjusted. Educational toys can increase the concentration of a child’s body because children carry out activities such as pressing, pulling, spinning, and so on. Toys that can improve this coordination, for example, are hammers which can train the hand muscles and motor functions of children because they teach children the concept of causal relationships. In addition, it can be a medium for children to emit emotions in a good way. Educational toys can improve language skills as well as broaden their horizons. Toys with wordplay can be one of the children’s media to get new insights and more honed speaking skills. Children are recognized by various kinds of vocabulary, letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. With high curiosity and curiosity, it could help to make children begin to speak fluently and improve their knowledge.

Also, when you already have the list of educational game for your baby, you still need to see the manual book to get optimal way in teaching your kids to simple skill from their language to other cognitive skills needed to master in early age. When you know how to play and the standard of growth, you also can identify whether your kids are normal or not. Early identification of anything in kids could help them grow better than before. That is why you always need to read and comprehend many things about parenting and growth or development of kids. Once you have the clues on their growth, it will help you a lot to teach them and broaden their view about the world. They will be more ready for schools. It can be seen from the mental and how they react to new things in their world.


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