Price exGST: $ 1.65

BAMBOO SKEWERS – 2.5MM – 25CM LONG (100pk)

These fit as an axle for the 28BPCW car wheels, 28BPTW truck wheels & 28WHHCS small wheels with hub caps.

These bamboo skewers (30BASK & 30BASKS) are the cheapest form of axle we sell & because of their material (bamboo), there can be slight natural variation in width. It is meant to be 2.5mm, but can vary from 2.3mm-2.7mm The pointy end will fit no problem, but the blunt end usually needs slight adjustment to fit in tightly to our plastic wheels. We recommend either a pencil sharpener (for young students) or a hobby knife (for older students) to shave down the bamboo skewer & create the perfect fit.

We do also sell metal axles in 2.0mm, 2.5mm & 3.0mm. These are much stronger & uniform in size. The best axle option we have.

Price incGST: $ 1.82